Beach Hut Review

The beach hut is one of two restaurants at Gilligans Backpackers and is located at the front of the building. In the mornings they offer a breakfast box for $7.50 which is great if you are looking for a light breakfast. You will be hard pressed to find breakfast anywhere else at 6-8 in the morning as most places are still closed. The breakfast box comes with a small box of cereal, milk, yogurt and cookies. At dinner time they sell medium sized pizzas for $9.90.

These pizzas are a great deal as they are big enough to serve two people and also because they are made with fresh ingredients and cooked wood fired oven. They offer many different pizza choices with all types of meats and vegetables. Just don’t expect the typical North American style pizzas like cheese, pepperoni, Canadian or supreme. These pizzas are much better than those. The restaurant offers tons of seating and opens up to the main sidewalk and road. All the seating is within the building so if it rains you will not get wet. Overall I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5.

Official Website: Gilligans Backpackers

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Posted by Pete Mitchell