Cairns Medical Center Review

The state of Queensland is quite unique as being the only state that requires scuba divers to pass a Medical Exam before being allowed to do dive training or certified dives. For most divers this is not an issue. Cairns have a 24 hour medical center which performs dive medicals for a price of $44.00. Since the medical center is also a clinic you may have to wait a while before you can complete your medical. The process is fairly effortless; nurses will first record your weight, height, blood pressure and make you perform a breathing test. After that you will see a doctor who will ask you a few basic questions and sign off on your medical. Those with any form of asthma, either mild or severe should be warned that their asthma may cause them to fail the medical and thus not be able to dive.

Official Website: Cairns Medical Center

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Posted by Pete Mitchell