Down Under Dive Review

Down Under Dive takes people out to the Great Barrier Reef to do snorkeling, scuba diving and scuba training. They have a fleet of ships and even a helicopter to take you out to the reef for either a daytrip or a longer live aboard trip. The Great Barrier Reef is quite vast and made up of a number of different reefs. Dive Down Under takes divers out to the Normal and Saxon Reefs which take about an hour to reach traveling at 20 knots.

With the day trips, you need to check into the Reef Terminal at the pier at 7:30, board the boat at 8 and by 8:30 you are off to the reef. During the hour long trip to the reef you will be briefed on the reef you are going to and how to snorkel properly. If you are doing an introductory dive, they will go over the diving basics. Once you reach the reef, you are free to go snorkeling when and where you want being mindful of the coral. If you are doing an introductory dive, you will have to wait your turn as they usually only allow five to ten people out at a time for safety purposes. Around noon they serve a lunch of bbq meats as well as salads. After lunch, they leave the first reef and travel to a second reef where you are again able to snorkel and dive. Finally around 4pm they leave the reef and get back to Cairns by 5pm.

The price to go snorkeling can vary depending on what deal you get, but typically it is around $120. That covers everything including going to the reef, snorkeling gear as well as lunch. If you want to do an introductory dive while you are out there, it costs an extra $65. You can do an additional intro dive at the second reef for an extra $45. Prices are similar for certified divers. Prices will vary for those doing their certification training. It is possible to complete your Open Water Dives with Down Under Dives while completing your theory and pool training at another PADI facility around the world.

Seeing the Great Barrier Reef up close and in person is a must for anyone visiting Australia. While snorkeling is a great way to see the reef, scuba diving is a great way to truly experience the reef. Dive Down Under does a excellent job in assisting you to experience this wonder. They have a very knowledgeable and competent staff and safety is their number one concern as it should be.

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Posted by Pete Mitchell