Gilligans Backpackers Review

Gilligans is an excellent hostel located in downtown Cairns. The hostel has a hotel like atmosphere and upkeep with dorm room prices. It has many of the same services you can find in any hostel like 24 hour access and 24 hour reception as well as a self serve kitchen, dining area and TV room on every floor. Additionally they have a free gym on the top floor which even has its own flat panel TV. The hostel also has multiple restaurants and bars located within the building with very affordable prices. They have almost every kind of room combination possible including twin, double rooms as well as dorms with 4, 6 or 8 beds. Dorm room prices start as low as $22 a night.

The dorms are as clean as the occupants inside. Generally speaking they are in good shape. Each dorm has lockers where you can store your bags and lock them up. The lockers are quite big and have room for a 70L backpack as well as a few other things. Most rooms/dooms only have four plugs, two located near the front door and two beside the sink. In this day of modern electronics there is no way that this is enough for 5 people to charge their cellphones, laptops, cameras, etc. It may be a good idea to purchase a powerbar. The bed mattresses are about six feet long.

Unlike most hostels, each dorm has its own washroom, meaning you only have to share a washroom with your dorm mates rather than your entire floor. The toilet, sink and shower are in separate rooms which allow multiple people to use each item at the same time. There are also computer terminals with internet access on every floor, though you must pay to use them.

Official Website: Gilligans Backpackers

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Posted by Pete Mitchell