Surfers Paradise Backpackers Resort Review

Surfers Paradise Backpackers is a great hostel located just a bit south of downtown Surfers Paradise. The hostel has a motel like atmosphere and upkeep with dorm room prices. It has many of the same services you can find in any hostel like 24 hour access and a self serve kitchen and an outdoor dining area. They have several kinds of room combinations including twin, double rooms as well as dorms with 3, 5 or 6 beds. Dorm room prices start as low as $26 a night.

The hostel offers a few very unique services for free making the price even better. They have a free washing machine and clotheslines in the back meaning you can do your laundry for free. They only have one machine that is free so you may have to wait to use it. If you cannot wait, they also have pay washing machines and dryers. They also have a tennis court and basketball net in the courtyard making it a great place to chill out. They offer free body boards that you can take out to the beach though you have put a $20 deposit down. Finally they will even shuttle you down to central Surfers Paradise in their van at certain times of the day.

The location of the hostel is noteworthy as it has good and bad points. As stated earlier, the hostel is not located in downtown Surfers Paradise but rather 2-3km south. Thus it will take about 20-30 minutes just to walk to downtown Surfers. This is not too bad but after a long day of walking around, you may not want to walk another 30 minutes just to get back to your hostel. Of course you can always take a bus for $3 dollars or a taxi for around $10. On the plus side, the beach is only a few blocks away and being away from downtown means it’s a lot quieter. This is definitely something to consider though if you plan on spending most of your time partying in downtown Surfers.

Unlike most hostels, each dorm has its own washroom, meaning you only have to share a washroom with your dorm mates rather than your entire floor. The toilet, sink and shower are in the same room. Since the state of Queensland is currently in drought, they ask that you take short showers to help conserve water.

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Posted by Pete Mitchell