Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb Review

The best view of Sydney and the Sydney Harbour can be seen from only one place, at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Up until 1998 there was no way for the general public to get up there but since then BridgeClimb Sydney has allowed tens of thousands of people to see this majestic sight for their own eyes. At a cost of $179-$295 AUD a lot of people might find the price to be a little too steep but almost everyone who has done it will tell you that it is worth every penny.

Since 2006, there are two different climbs that the public can take to reach the summit, the regular climb and the discovery climb. In the regular climb you simply climb the upper arches of the bridge to the summit while the discovery climb takes you through lower part of the bridge letting you see and learn about the internal structure of the bridge. The discovery climb runs a little longer than the regular climb at around three hours long which includes preparation time.

There are several restrictions put in place to ensure the safety of yourself, your climbers as well as the cars and people passing by on the bridge. Each climber is required to go through a metal detector and take a breathalyzer. Additionally, with the exception or sunglasses or eyeglasses, climbers are not allowed to take anything with them during the climb. This restriction includes cameras. You are not allowed to bring your own camera, digital camera, cellphone camera, etc on the climb. While bothersome, these restrictions are in place for a reason; once you are high up the bridge it becomes pretty clear that if you were to drop something you could cause a serious accident.

Included in the BridgeClimb fee is a free pictures of you and all your fellow climbers at the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can also pay an additional fee for pictures at certain different stages of the climb. At the end of the climb you can pick and choose which pictures you want. The price for these pictures is quite steep at $65 for 4 photos. Additional photos beyond that cost $5 a piece. It is quite pricey but there is nothing you can do about it except either buy them or not buy them.

If you can afford it, then the Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb is a definite must for any tourist visting Sydney. If you can’t, then you should really consider saving up for it because it is quite a sight when you are at the top looking down at downtown Sydney, the Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House.

Official Website: Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb

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Posted by Pete Mitchell