Wake Up Internet Access Review

Unlike many hostels, Wake Up has a 24 hour internet café inside the building on the first floor beside the reception area. In addition to having over 10 computers with internet access, the internet café area also has Wi-Fi. There is a specific area for people with laptops which includes table space and numerous electrical outlets. They have a number of different pricing options though like pay per hour, etc and separate rates for Wi-Fi and computer terminal usage.

One thing you will notice is that the internet is somewhat slow, especially compared to North American broadband. This may be due to lack of bandwidth shared between too many users in the hostel. It could also be due to the fact that North American servers are quite far away from Australia and it does take time for information to travel across the Pacific Ocean. As with all Wi-Fi hotspots, you should be using a VPN service for maximum security. Unfortunately this will only compound the slowness of your internet since you are adding another bandwidth sucking layer.

Official Website: Wake Up Sydney Central

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Posted by Pete Mitchell